Electroless Nickel Protects
Aluminum Molds

A dough equipment manufacturer achieved the right protection with a faster lead time.


AM Manufacturing Company (AM) has manufactured industry-leading dough equipment for 60 years. A Bales customer since 2021, AM relies on Bales to protect its molds for the pizza, tortilla, bagel, and baking industries.


After facing issues with a previous supplier, AM approached Bales seeking reliable protection for its aluminum donut and bagel dies.

“I needed faster lead times and better care of our delicate products,” said Joseph Sadzewicz, a parts manager at AM.

Food manufacturers often use aluminum for components because it’s soft, lightweight, and easily shaped. But these same properties put aluminum parts at risk for damage.


The Bales team was eager to help AM better protect its molds. Our recommendation? Electroless Nickel, an FDA-approved coating.

“Electroless Nickel adds hardness of 45 Rockwell, which is twice as hard as aluminum,” said Rich O’Brien, a technical service manager at Bales. “It would increase the hardness of AM’s aluminum molds while enhancing safety and hygiene.”

Electroless Nickel is FDA approved because of its excellent corrosion resistance. It protects against corrosion caused by hot and cold water, oils, fats, and steam. It’s also non-toxic and has a high operating temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bales fulfilled AM’s expectations on all fronts. It provided a coating with the precise protection that AM needed as well as exceptional service.

“I’ll continue using Bales in the future,” Sadzewicz said. “Bales helped me meet demanding deadlines with a quick turnaround and went above and beyond to keep our products safe.”

Bales fuses science and craftsmanship to deliver outstanding results for food processing and packaging manufacturers worldwide. From automation parts to cutting equipment, your components will benefit from our FDA-approved coatings and legacy of customer satisfaction, integrity, and innovation.