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How Much Plating Do I Need?

The recommendation is .0002 to .0003" of plating per side to get the best benefit of a coating. That should give you enough material to protect and achieve release properties for a typical amount of time. The more information you provide us before your job begins, the better we can help you. Is there a finish size or range you need to hit? Do you need to fix a specific problem? Please let us know.

Are you capable of masking off areas to avoid plating?

Yes, our masking team is very skilled at using masking materials to control the plating. You can achieve plating only where you need it for form or fit purposes. Please provide clear prints that show exactly where you want the metal plating to go; precise communication is critical to meeting your needs.

How close can you hold tolerance?

Our electroless nickel products can be held to within millionths. We can certify the thickness by analyzing under our x-ray, if you require that. Our chrome plating is done with conforming anodes to minimize dog-bone build-up on corners. It can be held in tolerance to +/-.00005" when applying a flash.

Does BALES offer pick-up and delivery?

Yes, we offer FREE pick-up and delivery to customers within 50 miles of our location. Jobs under 1,500 pounds are eligible.

Do you take hot jobs?

Yes. Whether you are facing an emergency or need to expedite a project, Bales will work overtime to get your job done right.

What coating do I need?

If you're unsure what coating you need,
use our Coating Comparison Tool. Need a consultation? Book a time with one of our Application Experts. You can also contact one of our Technical Services Managers at
(800) 215-6653.

How can I reduce the cost of my plating job?

Reducing or eliminating masking is a good way to reduce cost on your plating projects. Our coatings can be applied as thin as .00005" per side.

Is there a discount for multiple parts?

Yes, we offer a quantity discount. There is a minimum service charge, so you can save on cost by plating several parts at the same time.

My job requires multiple steps. How will that affect the cost?

You can reduce the cost of your job with multiple steps by keeping all of them under one roof with Bales. Avoid sending your job to several finishing suppliers and enduring seperate shipping and lead times for each.

Do my parts need to be cleaned?

Sending cleaned parts is a good way to reduce the cost of your job. Clean parts require less prep work for plating and polishing and achieve better adhesion results. We recommend sending in your components free of oxidation, plastic material, and heavy debris.

What about dissimilar metals?

Dissimilar metals will need removal or masking before most plating projects to avoid damage to the base material while processing. Removing them and identifying ahead of shipping to Bales will help reduce cost of projects.

Should I obtain a job quote?

Yes, getting a quote is a great way to lock in your lead-time with Bales. Your quote will also save time on acquiring critical information, which means we can start your job faster.

Do I need to fill out the order detail sheet?

Yes, please complete the order detail sheet. The more specific instructions you give us, the fewer questions we have to ask, and the quicker your job will hit our shop floor.

What paperwork should I send with my job?

Along with your order, please submit marked-up drawings and a completed order detail sheet. These documents will provide all the instructions we need to start your job on time.

Do you need my shipping information?

Yes, please tell us your shipping method and address. Providing shipping information will help prevent delays to your job.

Should I send a purchase order with my job?

Yes, we recommend sending a purchase order with your project. Your job may be delayed if Bales does not receive a purchase order before it's completed.

Can you clean oxidized parts?

Yes. Our state-of-the-art blasting equipment uses #11 glass bead and 240 aluminum oxide and operates at a low PSI to clean parts without removing excessive material.

How do you certify finish quality?

Yes, we can certify all of our processes.

Do You Offer Pick-up And Delivery?

Yes, we offer FREE pick-up and delivery to customers within 50 miles of our location. Jobs under 1,500 pounds are eligible.

Can you disassemble my mold?

We can disassemble small tools in-house. We partner with local shops on larger jobs.


  • Our exclusive virtual
  • consultations help reduce
  • downtime and get the expertise
  • you need without the wait.
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