Live Webinar:

Discover 10 Careers in Plastic Injection Molding

Are you precise, flexible, and passionate about creating?

If so, you have exactly what it takes for a career in modern manufacturing.

Attend our webinar with the Society of Plastics Engineers and discover how you can apply these qualities to 10 career paths in plastic injection molding.

During the webinar, you will:

Discover why the plastic injection molding market is growing.

Explore the many industries that rely on plastic injection molding.

Learn about career paths in each step of the injection molding process.

Get to know our talented team members by touring the Bales shop floor.

Live Webinar:
Discover 10 Careers in Plastic Injection Molding


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Meet the Speakers

PlastiVan® Educator,
Society of Plastics Engineers

Mark is a plastics pioneer and 45+ year veteran of the plastics industry. Today, he’s a plastics educator for the Society for Plastics Engineers PlastiVan Program. He educates K-12 students on the opportunities and responsibilities associated with plastics.

Technical Services Manager,

Rich is a Bales veteran, having joined the company over 25 years ago. He has worked as an inspector, a polisher, and a shipping and receiving manager. With a deep understanding of Bales’ products and processes, he knows exactly what it takes to finish a quality job from start to finish.

Technical Services Manager,

Rich is a surface expert with over 30 years of industry experience. He began as a CNC machinist and later worked as a mold maker and operations manager in the injection molding field. Rich helps Bales’ customers solve an array of finishing challenges with our precision coatings and finishes.

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