Diamond E.N.™ Improves Release & Wear

A mold builder retained business with Bales’ proprietary coating.


Omega Tool builds plastic injection molds for numerous industries, including medical, packaging, and light industrial. The company has worked with Bales since 2008 to achieve the best surface treatments for an array of customer issues.


When Omega Tool learned about Bales, it was searching for an effective all-around coating. The company’s mold builds consist of ferrous and non-ferrous materials that require protection from caustic, abrasive, and high-temperature plastics.

“I started looking for a new solution because some coatings were failing in the field,” said Kevin Groholski, a sales engineer at Omega Tool. “Some of our vendors were also giving us poor delivery service.”

Parts sticking and delamination were the key issues, which were damaging customers’ products.


To continue meeting its customers' expectations, Omega Tool looked to Bales for the best solution. A Bales technical service manager jumped at the opportunity.

Omega Tool needed a coating to tackle release and wear while accommodating various mold materials and molding resins. Bales recommended its powerful and proprietary nickel coating, Diamond E.N.™.

Diamond E.N.™ combines Electroless Nickel with diamond particles to offer excellent levels of both lubricity/release and abrasion resistance. It has a low <0.10 coefficient of friction and a maximum operating temperature of 1000°F. Diamond E.N™ is also extremely hard, plating at 57 RC and reaching 70 RC after post-bake.


Diamond E.N.™ provided the exact results that Omega Tool needed—and Bales promised.

“Over the past 27 years, I have researched and worked with many coatings for plastic injection molds. When it comes to wear resistance, evenly applied corrosion protection, and release at ejection, Bales has successfully improved our molds with Diamond E.N.,” Groholski said.

Coating the problematic molds in Diamond E.N.™ improved wear resistance by protecting the base material. It held up to outgassing and evenly coated deep rib areas. Diamond E.N.™ also significantly reduced cycle time.

“Now that we use Diamond E.N., I estimate in some cases we’re completing each cycle a few seconds faster,” said Groholski.

The excellent results have also benefited Omega Tool’s customers. By working with Bales, Omega Tool passes on savings from faster cycle times, fewer mechanical issues, and lower maintenance costs. In turn, Omega Tool can continue delivering satisfactory outcomes.

No matter what challenge you face with your molds, Bales will deliver the right solution, on time, with the highest of standards. Learn more about