Bales Installs New Nickel Plating Lines, Improves Capacity by 100%

Bales has replaced the two nickel lines in its 29,000-square-foot facility in Downers Grove, Illinois. The project has doubled our nickel line capacity, which we estimate will reduce customer lead time by half.

Installing the new nickel lines has expanded our nickel plating capacity from five to 10 tanks. It also introduced a counterflow rinse and a hoist system designed to accommodate heavier parts.

“In addition to faster turnaround times on nickel plating, customers can expect improved plating quality and consistency, such as color and shininess. The new equipment rinses parts more effectively and provides easier access to tanks for quality checks throughout the day,” said Mike Hill, operations manager.

Steve and Mike Bales, who founded Bales in 1978, devised the new nickel lines almost two decades ago.

“In 2007, my father, Steve, envisioned a plan to continue Bales’ growth through modern equipment. We’re proud to have carried out our family’s dream with these new nickel lines. It’s not exactly how he drew it, but it’s exactly what we need today to continue improving lead times for customers,” said Stacey Bales, president of Bales.

Stacey Bales and Sara Mortensen are the second generation of Bales’ family leaders. They assumed leadership in 2009 after the sudden passing of their father.

Bales provides four engineered nickel coatings that protect metal components against corrosion, abrasion, and sticking:

We also provide Hard Chrome and Diamond Chrome plating, plus finishes and other services for preparing and processing metal components for surface finishing. The new nickel lines will allow us to continue developing services that meet customer demand.

We designed the new nickel lines in partnership with Plating Specialists, Inc. and John Schneider & Associates, Inc. The lines were manufactured and installed by Corrotec, Inc.