To get a quality finish, you have to start with a clean foundation. Blasting is used to camouflage weld areas, cleaning and prepping for processing or to establish a surface finish. Our blasting has controlled velocity, pressure and location (areas can be masked). We use the following blast media:

  • Glass beads
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Metal shot and steel grit

Dry Blasting

This process uses various blasting media to prepare and enhance surfaces for a variety of finishes and coatings.

Liquid Honing/Wet Blasting

Liquid honing uses water to cushion the blast media, preventing damage to the surface of the component, mold or tool. Used for precision surface finishing, this process allows us to control and regulate the flow and type of material used in the blasting slurry.

Tumble Blasting

Tumble blasting is used to blast high quantities of small parts at the same time while staying cost effective.


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