Solving for Sticking and Wear

Check out our latest case study, where the right coating and process was key to gaining productivity for our consumer packaged goods client.

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We Finish What Others Start

We’ll find the optimal approach to coating your parts. No one can beat Bales' wide array of engineered coatings and finishes.

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Engineered Surface Finishing and Coatings

We've Seen It All

We've worked on everything from Swiss machine parts to cutters, dies, mechanical components, and more.

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Metal Plating for Molds, Dies, Tools and Mechanical Components

Trouble With Molds

This is where we got started. We’re the industry leader when it comes to tackling critical issues with molds, such as sticking, abrasion and wear.

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Mold Release Coatings

We've Got Solutions

If it’s metal and you have an issue, we’ll work with you to solve it. Our experts solve unique problems across countless industries.

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Solution for Metal Surface Flaws and Friction Issues

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