Sulfamate Nickel


Complex dimensional corrections call for this coating — ideal for salvaging worn and undersized parts. What makes the process unique is its ultra pure chemistry, which allows us to correct most out-of-specification dimensions without pits and minimal irregularities. And, because it can deposit up to .250, it’s an excellent choice for heavy deposits in excess of .015 to .020.

An added bonus: Sulfamate Nickel provides abrasion and wear resistance, as well as incidental corrosion protection of components (depending on the thickness of the nickel plating)


  • High temperature resistance
  • High tensile strength and high ductility
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance


 Co-efficient of friction: 0.45 or less
 Rockwell hardness: 40 RC
 Applied plating temperature: 140°F
 Ideal use: Heavy deposits dimensional correction


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