Connie Shaughnessy

Connie Shaughnessy

Quality Manager

As the quality manager, Connie ensures that customers receive top-notch results every time they work with Bales. She ensures that Bales meets its daily requirements and facilitates Lean processes designed to produce a quality work environment. Connie enjoys that her role lets her interact with customers as well as colleagues across the company. 

Connie’s professional background spans manufacturing and quality management. She has worked in the emergency lighting, electronic circuit assembly, and chemical industries to help companies meet automotive and military customers' specifications. Throughout her career, Connie has participated in and led the implementation of Lean manufacturing events and continuous improvement methods.

A few fun things to know about Connie:

Hobbies: Golf, supporting my church’s regular bingo night, and spending time with my grandkids

Favorite Movie: The Quiet Man

Favorite Ice Cream: Pistachio

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Sports Team: Cubs  

Perfect Hot Dog Toppings: Mustard, celery salt, and relish

First Car: A Toyota with no backseat floorboard

Most Binge-worthy TV Show: American Pickers