Bales finishes what others start. We were founded in 1978, by brothers Steve and Mike Bales. Back then, we only offered diamond polishing, but we grew quickly — thanks to a reputation for doing the best work in the business.

Today, we’re still family owned, and proud to continue the Bales legacy of protecting the life of molds, dies, tooling, and components in ways our competitors don’t dare.

We’re as tough as we are precise. Incomparable finishes, tight tolerances, plus a proud legacy of integrity and innovation. Think solid with a side of rebel. It’s what makes us, and you, shine.
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Below are common problems we deal with regularly with links to suggested solutions.


Is corrosion a threat to your tooling, die or component? Our industry-leading team will work with you to fully understand the specific requirements of your project and engineer the best coating to keep you corrosion-free in the future.

Electroless Nickel Plating >

Hard Chrome >

ABRASION & WEARRockwell Hardness Chart

Have parts prone to getting rubbed the wrong way? We’re always engineering better ways to solve abrasion and wear problems. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest technology and resources to achieve the quality you need.

Diamond E.N. >
Hard Chrome >
Diamond Chrome >


Coefficient of Friction Chart

Smooth is where it’s at. We’ll employ our trademarked coatings and finishes to reduce friction and give your tool or component the uniform treatment needed for optimal performance.

Diamond Polishing >
Diamond Chrome >
Hard Chrome >


Our staff of coating specialists can evaluate your problem and suggest the best fit for your project. The following are solutions to size and dimensional problems, listed in order of their effectiveness when dimensional correction is your primary concern.

Electroless Nickel  >
Sulfamate Nickel >

Hard Chrome >

Micro TIG Welding >


We also offer a variety of other services used in preparing surfaces. Review the links below to learn more about these services. Please contact us with your questions.

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Dry Blasting >
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